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If you want to work with an incredibly talented and highly knowledgable producer on your music project then look no further than Mike Hetzel. Mike is one of the most talented drummers/producers I have ever met. His knowledge of music is far beyond his years and to top it all off he is one of nicest and easiest people to work with. Mike is a natural at working with people. He communicates with you on what ever level you might be on musically to help you understand what you are trying to accomplish. I have been blessed to work with Mike on two projects of mine and I can tell you in all honesty that they would not sound the way that they do without Mike's expertise. Look no further for your musical production or instruction than Mike Hetzel.


-Elliot Hughes, Gospel Recording Artist

What can you say about Mike Hetzel except WOW... From musicianship to attitude to knowledge, the guy is just off-the-charts brilliant at it all. I first became familiar with Mike from his YouTube channel (which truly speaks for itself), and was first and foremost just blown away by his mere technical and musical ability at the drums. After calling on him for a few musical projects purely on that basis, it quickly became glaringly evident to me that he was not only up to par with some of the greatest musicians I've seen, but also one of the most professional and easy-to-work-with people I've ever met. Finding this guy is like striking gold- if you have the chance to learn from him, take it. You won't believe how fun and inspiring working with Mike will be!!!


-Dennis Atlas

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