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What is mixing?

Mixing, in it's simplest form, is the process where all of the recorded tracks in a song are blended together and printed to a stereo track. Mixing utilizes techniques such as volume automation, panning, compression, FX processing(reverb, delay, chorus, ect,).

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final stage of production where a fully mixed song is made ready for commercial play. This could involve equalization to make a dull mix shine, volume maximization so your song is the same volume as the songs you hear on the radio, as well as volume and tone consistency throughout your album.


How to prepare your tracks for mixing.

In order to properly mix your song you’ll need to send us all of the individual raw tracks(Multitracks). WE DO NOT WANT THE PROJECT FILE. It is preferred that the multitrack files that you send do not have any type of processing(plugins) on them. If there is a specific effect that you want please send us a processed version of that track along with the dry unprocessed version. Also be sure to include a reference mix of your song if you have one.

How to send your tracks.

Once you have exported the multitracks from your project please set them up in a folder like this...

Please send your song folder to using a file sending service. We recommend, Google Drive, or If you have any further questions please email us at

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